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compassion and integrity

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Robin has an amazing ability to show compassion and integrity while caring for people. She is one lovely human being.

I highly recommend Robin Aston

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"I highly recommend Robin Aston, she is a great listener, and a very caring individual. Everyone should check her out!

Thanks for this wonderful and knowledgeable post.

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I love to surf the internet and the main reason being is the knowledge I get from posts such as this. And really I found something very informative. I enjoyed this post of yours and I’m going to share it with my friends. Thanks for this wonderful and knowledgeable post.

From a dear friend:

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I have been fortunate enough to know Dr. Robin Aston, and had a several hour visit in her home to learn how exceptial she is, and...
how worldly she's traveled! She has life skills credentials as well as professional licensed credentials to help anyone to over come life's heavy burdens. I left feeling what a special woman she is, and how inspiring to me. I look forward to more of our chats! I'm honored to have her as a friend!
Carol Worster

Hypnosis Explained on TV

Posted on October 31, 2011 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (19)
I hope some of you saw the TV show "Human Body: Pushing the Limits" on the science channel (it will be replayed repeatedly over the next couple of days). The episode is called "Sensations. It showed how the human brain processes pain AND how hypnosis can completely short circuit any sense of pain. A dentist hypnotised his patient and then performed a tooth extration completely without any medication. The procedure took 45 minutes and the patient reported no discomfort at all! The please he actually felt lasted days until the tooth socket had healed. Amazing.